Feeling Uninspired? Where YOU Can Find Motivation

Oct 11

It is easy to lose track, feel exhausted or just have low levels of creativity when you are working through your business. Don’t just wait for your epiphany, look to others for inspiration! The Savvy Redhead has some ideas on where to find it: Your Mentor – they have likely been through similar trials and tribulations in their business, they will be very willing to offer advice or words of encouragement. Your Parents – no

Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

Oct 03

Now that you have your business plan ready to go, it’s time to get started on fulfilling your passion and running your company.   The Savvy Redhead has made a list of great online tools you should use to help you along the way:   Social media – Getting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn will help you meet new people or businesses in your field, as well as provide you with up-to-date information in

How Do I Start My Own Business? Advice from an Entrepreneur

Sep 26

When making your leap into your career, one of the scariest things you can do is start a business from scratch.  Reflecting on my personal experience, transitioning from working in the corporate work to creating my own freelance bookkeeping and administration company was definitely not an easy task.  But along the way I have learned a lot of lessons and made a lot of great connections that have helped propel my business to where it

Show ‘Em You Care! How To Give Recognition To Your Customers

Aug 30

Show ‘Em You Care! How To Give Recognition To Your Customers   As with any business, you wouldn’t be where you are without your devoted clients and customers.  Whether you provide recurring sales or one-time purchases, each and every individual is important to growing your brand.  So what better way to honour them than to provide them with recognition?   The Savvy Redhead has some great tips to help you do this:  

10 Easy Tips for Time Management

Aug 26

10 Easy Tips for Time Management   When you’re busy working away throughout the day, it’s easy to get sidetracked, or lose time and not get tasks completed.   To ensure that you stay on target and get everything done, it is important to have efficient time management skills that can help you exceed your work expectations.  Never fear, the Savvy Redhead has 10 quick tips to get you there: